Apache Tears

Apache Tears


Apache Tears a variety of Obsidian that is often translucent when held up to the light. Apache Tear's mineralises when hot lava is forced into the air and solidifies before hitting the ground. The legends of this stone go back to the apache Indians "Apache tear" comes from a legend of the Apache tribe, said to be around 75 Apaches, the US Cavalry fought on a mountain above  Superior, Arizona, in the 1870s. The Apaches Facing defeat outnumbered, and the  Apache warriors rode their horses off the cliff to their deaths rather than die. Made from the fire energy deep within the Earth, this mineral is excellent at grounding energies into the Earth before, during and after energy work. They are perfect for helping one see into the core of an issue to assist with deep healing. Apache Tears can lend support during times of sorrow. They will gently help you to accept and then release their grief,

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