Agate is part of the quartz family, a popular crystal for everyday healing due to silicon dioxide. A mineral that can be found in the human body which can be incredibly balancing also said to be calming for overthinking. Many people start with Agate in their collection.  Agate is said to bring you peace and support when you feel scattered or overwhelmed by modern life. Agate is one of the oldest used crystals on the planet. Good for office or home The Egyptians were good in their use of obelisks, they were erected to honour major events such a major victory, or another such event, as well as to honour their sun god. This one is green with a brown patch at topbrown in colour filled with tiny holes with quartz or something quite sparkly. Size of the is 3.3/4  inches tall by 1.1/8 inches square at the base. there is a small pocket on this one near the top it is a quartz pocket not a chip 

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