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Updated: Aug 7, 2020

Shungite the world-leading healing crystal one of my favourites. I have always been keen on fossils since a child first fossil I ever brought was a Megalodon tooth a long, long time ago I can say that back then they were a lot cheaper than they are now. Crystals have been my passion for a long time when I first discovered the energy the buzz that comes from them. Not everyone feels the power, but I think a lot of the reason for that depends on how grounded a person is. When someone picks up a crystal for the first time the crystal s energy seems to go to ground before it allows you to feel them. Even if that is the case, it will still help in some way or another. Trilobite fossils are incredible the age of some that i have seen is beyond belief. Trilobites come from every continent in the world Britain has some fantastic trilobites from wales.

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