pyrite ammonite fossils

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

The Cleaning and preserving of pyrite Ammonite fossils is a quite time-consuming task, but well worth bending over a workbench for hours, plus the dust, but the results can are quite fantastic, to know that something 195 million years old can look so beautiful, you're the first person to see the beauty in it as with many Ammonite fossils we clean and prepare some of my favorite fossils are promicroceras and crucilabiceras

Pyrite Ammonite fossils are a superb collector's specimen to collect , There is quite an art to cleaning and preserving pyrite fossils as they tend to decay quite rapidly. I Have prepared them now for around 17 years, once you start uncovering the build-up of hard-crusted matter on the surface of any piece you begin to discover time over millions of years. It is a fantastic feeling to see the excellent detail for something that is approximately 195 million years old. So bright and shiny when you first uncover the debris then wow but very soon it will dull back unless treated it dulls back and oxidizes thus sealing them is very important they'll stay right for years and years. The biggest pyrite Ammonite I have seen is around 9 inches dia.

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