Black tourmaline verses Dravites

There are many subtle differences between black tourmalines and dravites. Many people that have come through my shop ask for the black stone that will protect there energy black tourmaline is one dravite is another with a kind gentle approach to the same outcome. Black tourmaline to a sensitive person can sometimes be very disorientating but efficient at grounding out the body's energy. In contrast, a dravite is a lot more comforting and a more gentle approach. So many people seem to smile when they first experience a dravites energy when held in hand. Dravite is from the same family as black tourmaline Dravite is mainly a collectors minerals. However, many of the dravites are dull forms that are uninteresting to collectors, the large, well-formed crystals and rare transparent types that are very much in demand among collectors and can obtain premium prices. Some of the larger Dravite crystals originate from the locality of Yinnieth

arra Station, Western Australia. An essential Australian location is May Downs Station, near Mt. Isa, Queensland. Dravites do generally not get used in jewellery making although they are as gem grade. So if you find black tourmalines energy a little bit uncomfortable do try dravites instead you won't be disappointed.

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