17 years on rye high street

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

Our time in Rye high street has gone very quickly, we started at 105 Rye high street with a couple of cabinets at the back of Woodnthings then run by Ray and Ian. The high street looked so different at that time it somehow seemed a lot busier, most of the shops at the time were service shops local people came to the high street and used them, we also had numerous banks and building societies that were used for many years by workers from many factories that ran down Rye harbor road, sadly all but gone. Most of the service shops closed and began to fill with completely different goods. the footfall fell after Woolworths left the town and Budgens stopped opening on Sundays. somehow things changed, hardly any locals use the town now. Then came COVID 19 that has been a total headache. we have been open for 3 days now and to my surprise, most of our customers for many years have used the shop again all I can say is thank you very much we have also built a new website for the shop selling crystals and fossils and that has also come alive so keep it up and long may Rye high street get back to normal. we also sell amethyst geodes from Brazil we sell Carcharodon teeth fossils also megalodon shark teeth fossils plus lots of different Ammonite fossils.

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